How do we get to Medan Airport?- Kuala Namu airport can be accessed via Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The brand new airport is 40km from Medan city

What do we do when we get to Kuala Namu airport?- Look out for our ground handler "Saini" at the exit who will be holding a plaquade with your name on it.

What if Sunny is not there or we cant find him?- Make sure you have his number handy- 081387749116

How do we get to Singkil?- By Susi air for deluxe and  overland in comfortable Toyota Innova for budget packages.

What happens if flights are cancelled (deluxe package)?- We are not responsible for any 3rd party cancellations. Guests will go overland and itinerary will change slightly. 

What happens when we get to Singkil?- You will be met by our representative and transferred to Singkil harbor (about 20min) where the speed boat/ wooden boat will be.

How reliable are transfers to/ from BSB?- Like anywhere in the world weather plays a major factor in transport. To date transfers to/ from BSB have been 90% reliable.

What happens if your delayed?- You'll be taken to a hotel (at your expense) where you'll wait until the weather clears or alternative transport can be sourced.

Do we need extra spending money at the bungalows?- You will need $ for extra  beer or extra boat, fishing trips and any snacks you may require before/ after your stay. Tips are also welcome. We accept foreign cash but it will be exchanged at below market rates.

How about Mosquitos and other insects?- The grounds are frequently fogged using an industrial type fogging machine. Beds have mosquito nets and all windows are netted. Like any tropical region in the world it's reccommended you use mosquito lotion or/ and long pants/ shirts if outside around dusk/ dawn. BSB is located at the top of the bay and gets a nice flow of air coming through which hinders insect breeding patterns.

How comfortable are the beds/ accommodation?- Matteress are the best quality pressed foam money can buy. All up we have 2 double beds for couples and 10 single beds for surfers/ backpackers. Generators are on the opposite side of the compound, the tranquil noise of the Indian Ocean directly out front is the only noise you will hear from the bungalows.

Whats the difference between floating accommodation and land camps?- The main difference is obviously the ability to get a good nights rest with out the rocking and rolling, maximum of 3 people sharing and of course the privacy of your own toilet.

Can i get time to myself?- Thats the concept behind land camp accommodation. Apart from your private bungalow there are walking tracks along the coast to secluded coves and beach's.

How about Malaria?- Even though we fog the grounds regulary which has reduced mosquito numbers greatly, it's better to be safe than sorry so consult your doctor about the right medication. Staff don't take medication as they opt for covering up and using bug lotion during dusk and dawn.

Does it get hot?- Hot days usually = pumping surf in this part of the world so bring your sunscreen, hat and lycra long sleeved shirt. During the early hours of the morning temperatues drop due to the surrounding rainforest, we actualy supply blankets for those who feel the cold more

How many surfers are on the island?- We can accommodate up to 15 surfers for budget packages or up to 10 surfers for deluxe packages (unless otherwise requested). Exclusive bookings for the whole camp are available.