Island Activities

Island life holds plenty in store for our visitors. It's true, this really is a surfing mecca, but there's plenty other activities for surfers and non surfers alike. All this adds to your adventure when your not surfing or if you fancy a day out the water.

You can enjoy most of our activites as part of your inclusive package price:

  • Snorkelling

    A Favourite almost our guests. The vibrant and colourful coral reefs in the bay hold an amazing array of marine life – A free-diving or snorkelling mission you'll never forget!

  • Fishing

    If your into catching your dinner, then this is the place! We've fed the whole camp easily from one fishing mission. There's nothing like fishing in crystal clear tropical waters. Give thanks to the Ocean for a bountiful feast.

  • Island Exploration

    Where do you start! There are over 40 islands to hop between, and thats just the Banyaks! Take one of our boats or we can organise a special boat charter to mission further afield.

  • Forest walks

    Take a guided walk with us through untouched mother nature. Keep your ears and eyes open, you never know what you might see. An unforgettable treat.

  • Diving

    We can organise your diving kit and a fully qualified and insured instructor to take you deeper into ocean discovery. Our instructors have the experience and know the best dive spots. Be sure to enquire with us about this special activity.

  • Free cooking classes

    With our experienced chef, learn the skills of creating your very own Indonesian cuisine.