The Indian ocean has the most consistent surf on the planet which makes Indonesia and the uncrowded Banyak Islands a sort after surfing travel destination. The Banyak Surf Bungalows have been strategically positioned and built on privately owned land in the Bay of Plenty for the sole purpose of giving surfers easy access to the great waves of the Banyaks.

The BSB surf camp is surrounded by a diverse range of surfing spots that include novice/ learn to surf/ intermediate waves like Kiddys Korner, Dindo's and Shortys to the more serious waves like Lolok Point, Gunturs and Camel Backs. Apart from the local waves in the bay there are also a few other closely guarded secrets close by plus the classic but fickle surf spots further a field like Treasure Island, Cobra Logs and Turtles.


Waves in the Bay

The Bay of Plenty is aptly named. The outside left point, Lolok Point, starts breaking at 4ft and holds as big as it can get!! It's a fast, long and hollow wrapping left point that requires a big board and even bigger balls." For pros and hell men"






Across the other side of the bay directly in front of Banyak Surf Bungalows lies the gem of the bay, Gunturs. A right point break with two barreling sections that often link up. Since the April 2010 earthquake the reef has sunk IMPROVING the wave quality and now offering up to 5 second barrels on the end section. "A perfect indo wave, without the indo crowds". Often no charter boats in the bay and only BSB camp perched directly in front."For experienced surfers on big swells or intermediate surfers when small"




In the middle of the bay there is a perfect macaroni's style left that needs moderate to big swell from the south-west to west quadrant or small swells from the west to north-west. It's protected from south winds and offshore in south-east to north-east winds. When moderate to heavy swells hit it is the only spot in the banyaks to surf if your not a hell-man. When those big swells hit it is a long playful semi barreling wave. It is one of those waves that you think about in your dreams. We weren't the first to surf it but we where the first to constantly be on it since 2005."For all abilities and styles"




Camel Backs- Bay of Plenty- Banyak IslandsA few minutes paddle away from Gunturs is Camel Backs. (Banyak surf camp guests where the 1st to surf this wave in 2007). Upon take off this wave has 2 thick humps that rear up from deep water then abruptly merge into 1 making for a backdoor pit that rivals any of the great waves of Hawaii. Camels will certainly test the metal of even the hardest of Indo chargers. Also a perfect wave for body/ boogie boarders "Surf it at your own risk" 





Not far from Camel Backs is where  you'll find Shorty's. On the right conditions it is an absolutely perfect specimen of what a wave should look like, the only thing lacking as the name suggests is some length. Very protected from the north winds and usualy picks up the last drops of a fading swell making it a bit of a wave magnet for our area . Banyak surf camp guests where the first to surf this wave in 2009." For the average to accomplished surfer





  • Kiddys corner back across the bay is actualy the wrapping end section of Lolok Point. When large swells arrive this little gem starts breaking into a deep water cove. "Perfect for SUP boards and any one wanting to learn to surf."



A unique bay with 6 waves that break in 3 different directions that can handle any tide and almost any wind. All ability levels are catered for, from beginner to barrel chargers!!  At  the Banyak Sumatra Surf Camp guests will score awesome uncrowded waves during most mornings/afternoons before charter boats arrive/depart from/ to their anchorages. When moderate to large swells hit the bay is the place to be so expect a few more crew from the surf charter boats. With a multitude of setups and 13 hours of daylight there usualy isn't a problem getting your daily quota of waves though. When the swell turns to the south quadrant which on most years is a very rare event we'll head for Treasure Island or to our secret spot up the coast.



A few charter boats operate in the area, but the only place to stay on land to surf the Banyaks in style and comfort is the Banyak Surf Bungalows. One of the last frontiers left in Indonesia, offering consistent perfect waves and little to no crowds. More photos of the waves